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Round Table - Transmitting Educating

Experiences from the Tocatì international network

Cortile Mercato Vecchio
Fri 14:00-16:00
Cortile Mercato Vecchio

In 2015, during the Tocatì festival, the Declaration of Verona for the introduction of traditional games and sports in schools, was drafted, translated into several languages and disseminated in the international networks of AEJEST, the European association for Traditional Games and Sports, an NGO accredited by the 2003 UNESCO Convention. Since
then, with the UNESCO nomination process of Tocatì, the activities of the AEJEST
network and the partnership in education are constantly growing. Different working moments will give the floor to various ongoing projects, from local to international.

At the Forum:
AGA Associazione Giochi Antichi
AEJEST Association Européenne des Jeux et Sports Traditionnels
ICPI Istituto Centrale per il Patrimonio Immateriale
SIMBDEA Società Italiana per la Museografia e i Beni Demoetnoantropologici


Cortile Mercato Vecchio
Cortile Mercato Vecchio
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