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An epochal edition, this one, which seals the entry of Tocatì into the Register of Good Practices for the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage, which officially took place in Morocco on 1 December 2022, during the 17th Intergovernmental Committee of the 2003 UNESCO Convention , in front of 2000 delegates from 180 states. Tocatì therefore becomes the first example in Italy to obtain this prestigious recognition and to assume the role of global reference for all fans of traditional games and sports.

A program now recognized as Good Practice by UNESCO, and proposed as such by 5 countries: Italy as the leader with numerous traditional gaming and sport associations, NGOs, museums, institutions, universities and research centers from all over the peninsula, Belgium with umbrella organization of VlaaS – Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten, the Sportimonium Museum and the NGO Workshop Intangible Heritage in Flanders, France, with the Confédération des jeux et sports traditionsnels de Bretagne (FALSAB), the Fédération de Gouren – Bodadeg ar Gouren, the Fédération des jeux et sports traditionnels basques d’Iparralde, the Comité National des Quilles au Maillet, Croatia, with the umbrella association Istarski Pljočkarski Savez and the NGO Ecomuseo Batana in Istria and finally Cyprus, represented by the Association Laografikos Omilos “Ktima” which brings together numerous traditional gaming communities in the Paphos region.