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Information Point with Operator

Piazza Erbe, Piazza Bra, Cortile Mercato Vecchio
FR  15.00-21.00 SA 10.00-22.30 SU  10.00-18.30

Information Point

Ponte Pietra, Via Massalongo,
Ponte Navi, Ponte Garibaldi,
Castelvecchio, Porta Borsari,
Piazza Bra, Piazza dei Signori
TH → 18.00-23.00
FR → 18.00-23.00
SA → 10.00-23.00
SU → 10.00-19.00


The festival invites visitors to take advantage of the carpooling service.

A4 Serenissima Milan → Venice motorway (Verona Sud exit)
A22 Modena → Brennero motorway (Verona Nord exit)


Verona Porta Nuova main train station

Milan → Venice railway line
Bologna → Brenner railway line
Verona → Mantua → Modena railway line

For information FS

Go to the Website→


Porta Nuova Station → Historic Center
you can use the city urban lines 11,12,13,51 and 52

The following lines will be active on the evening and festival days:

Station → Piazza Bra
Lines 90, 92, 94, 96, 97 and 98.

Via Diaz/Castelvecchio → Station
Lines 21, 22, 23, 24, 41 and 61.
(the lines that carry out the same route serially and on holidays are 93, 94 and 95)

Piazza Bra → Centro Parking: line 77

For ATV information

Go the Website→


This year too it will be possible to reach the center of Verona with the taxi service managed by RadioTaxi of Verona.

Tel. 045/532666

On the AppStore and GooglePlay you can download the official App of the RadioTaxi service for free.

Go to the Website →


Catullo Airport of Verona/Villafranca (12 km) Shuttle Bus to the Airport

Catullo Airport is connected to the Porta Nuova railway station (and vice versa) with a shuttle bus with departures every 20 minutes. Information and Ticket Office: ATV srl

Verona Porta Nuova bus station
Piazzale XXV Aprile
Tel. 045 8057922


The Veronesi Camperisti Club organizes the reception in the area reserved for campers made available by the Municipal Administration.

The area is located about 900 meters from the historic center which can be reached in a few minutes, either on foot or by bicycle.

For information:
Tel. 348 8705515

Go to the Website →

Isolo parking,
Saba Italia s.p.a.
Via Ponte Pignolo, 6
37129 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045/8009333

Ex Arsenale car park,
Saba Italia s.p.a.
Piazza Arsenale, 8
37126 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045/8009333

East Station Parking,
AMT Mobility Transport Company Verona
Via Città di Nimes, 12 – near Porta Nuova railway station
37122 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045 2320025

University parking
Polo Zanotto,
Saba Italia s.p.a.
Viale Università, 4
37129 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045/8009333

Arena parking,
Saba Italia s.p.a.
Via Marcantonio Bentegodi, 8
37122 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045/8009333

Parking Center, AMT Mobility Transport Company Verona
Via Campo Marzo
37133 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045 2320025

Court parking,
AMT Mobility Transport Company Verona
Via dello Zappatore, 11 – near the Arena amphitheater
37122 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045 2320025

Borgo Trento parking
Saba Italia s.p.a.
Via San Camillo de Lellis
37126 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045/8009333

Porta Vescovo car park,
AMT Mobility Transport Company Verona
Via M. Bassetti, 2 – near Porta Vescovo
37133 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045 2320025

West Station Parking,
AMT Mobility Transport Company Verona
Via Città di Nimes, 14 – near Porta Nuova railway station
37122 Verona, Italy
Tel. 045 2320025


Choose from the available freewifi@verona networks, download to your device and open Verona smart app, the official app of the municipality of Verona, follow the instructions and navigate anywhere in the city, in the areas indicated on the map. The service is offered by the Municipality of Verona with AGSM.


By Acque Veronesi


Forti Palace
SA SU → 10.00-18.00

The attention paid to the very little ones is reconfirmed in this edition thanks to the nursery curated by il Melograno. In these spaces, mothers and fathers will be able to feel free to change and breastfeed their boys and girls in a protected and equipped space. A stop to take a breath before starting to play again!


Castelvecchio Bridge, Lungadige San Giorgio, River Customs
SA SU → 10.00-18.00

For years at the Tocatì festival you can discover the city of Verona from an unusual perspective: go down to the Adige and experience the festival by once again embracing the river, an important resource and natural channel that has shaped the development of our city. By Adige Rafting.

Loggia Vecchia in Piazza dei Signori
FRI → 18.00-24.00
SA → 10.00-24.00
SU → 10.00-18.30

organized by AGA – Ancient Games Association

At the Game Atelier you will find traditional wooden games, built with high quality materials, coming from certified forests and treated with non-toxic paints. Spinning tops, blowguns, marbles and board games are just some of the games available, together with the 2023 collection of official Tocatì t-shirts. Support us too! The funds raised will allow the organization of recreational activities for the protection and promotion of traditional games and sports.

For all the traditional games present at the Festival the public has the opportunity to play for free, thanks to the presence of the various gaming realities.
Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult to play.
Those who participate in the activities and games organized (in free modes and tournaments) as part of this event do so under their own personal responsibility or, if minors, under the responsibility of whoever has the parental authority or is responsible for their care and caution.
The Ancient Games Association assumes no obligation to supervise the carrying out of recreational and sporting activities. It guarantees the proper functioning of the equipment made available to the public, but is in no way responsible for all those events, even harmful, which participants may incur due to the inappropriate use of games and equipment.