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As usual at Tocatì, there is a section dedicated to reflection and indepth analysis of topics dedicated to culture, education and training with the aim of playing a role in educating on complexity, promoting the development of individuals and their social action as aware citizens. In this year’s programme, special focus will be given to the relevance that playing activities can have in the educational process, looking both at the adult individual and the process of personal maturation, and at the possible consequences of the proposed games in today’s contemporary and complex social framework. The common denominator consists of a phrase taken from Mario Lodi’s “we are the games we played as children”.


Directors, illustrators, writers, educators, psychologists and personalities from the entertainment world, talk about the game and its aspects.
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Games are discovery, experimentation and joy: a dimension that belongs to the human soul to continue to explore at any age, with the mind and the body.
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