A sustainable festival: Tocatì and A22

‘Nothing for fun, but everything with the game’. This is the maxim that Autobrennero has adhered to in participating in Tocatì. It is in fact a valuable opportunity to talk to the drivers of today and tomorrow and to tell them about the commitment that the company has had for years on the sustainability front, in particular on hydrogen mobility. Autostrada del Brennero, in fact, is strongly committed to fighting climate change by reducing CO2 emissions. Among the main projects already implemented relating to zero-emission electric mobility is the creation, first in Italy in 2014, of a hydrogen production plant from renewable sources with relative distribution near the Bolzano Sud motorway station (which has already made it possible to travel over 3 million km while emitting only water) and the intention to build five others along the entire A22 (in Vipiteno, Bressanone, Trento (company), Rovereto, Verona Nord, Campogalliano) to make it Italy’s first hydrogen motorway. Green hydrogen is inexhaustible, powerful, clean. Why should a motorway company invest in hydrogen? Because it is determined to do its part to drastically reduce polluting emissions from combustion engines and is aware that, without refuelling stations, hydrogen vehicles will never have a market.