Sportimonium, Belgium, the first thematic museographic centre for play research and practice in Europe

In all the countries of the partnership, theme parks are experiences in strong development and of great relevance.

In Italy, in July 2019, with its own project already approved by the Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage, AGA allowed the Municipality of Verona to access fundings for the construction of the Traditional Italian Games and Sports Park and the extension of the Casa Colombare, future “Centre for the Safeguarding of Traditional Games and Sports” (PON Culture and Development 2014/2020). The works will begin in 2022 with the inauguration scheduled for 2023. The entire project will lead to the creation, unique in Italy, of a cultural ludic centre dedicated to traditional games and sports, an international meeting point where communities and all enthusiasts can find information, food for thought and above all other players belonging to the most diverse ludic communities, with whom to share experiences. Casa Colombare is able to develop new projects with other thematic centres located in the countries of the Tocatì programme, as Sportimonium in Belgium.

In Belgium, Sportimonium was the first museum, research and ludic practice thematic centre in Europe.

In Croatia, IPS promoted the beginning documentation for the
realisation of the “Educational-Interpretative Centre of Traditional Games and Sports” project in Juršići, Svetvinčenat, as a tourist facility open to visitors and based on an interactive and interpretative approach.

The centre will be anddressed and open to visitors, school trips, professional public and local population and will consist of several thematic units:

The multimedia part will be located in a 300 m2 enclosed space with equipment for video and audio presentations, meetings, exhibitions, seminars and workshops. The thematic area section will be divided into children’s games, rural games, tavern games, urban games and games related to folk costums. The documentation process is in its final stage and the project is expected to be completed in 2023.

The FALSAB Confederation created in 2018 a leisure park dedicated to the discovery of traditional Breton games and sports. This park combines intangible cultural heritage with traditional Breton games mainly but also from France and around the world, built heritage with the lock house and the bread oven, and river heritage with the passage near the Nantes-Brest Canal.