At Bottega del Gioco you’ll find traditional wooden toys, built with high-quality materials, derived from certified forests and treated with non-toxic paint.

Tops, pea-shooters, ropes, marbles and board games are only a few examples of the toys available, plus the 2016 collection of Tocatì’s official T-shirts, which were made by the cooperative Progetto QUID (Project QUID), a fashion label that begins with the best Made in Italy quality fabrics, locally regenerated by women with pasts of fragility.

You’ll find craftworks from the collaborations activated by Tocatì this year as well. Cooperativa Rio Terà dei Pensieri created unique pieces, able to unite artistic, social and ecological intents, with an unfailing hint of irony, while Tocatì‘s old PVC posters, cast-off and unused, became purses and accessories thanks to Casa Circondariale Maschile di Santa Maria Maggiore a Venezia (Men’s District Prison of Venice). With the help of the Festival’s public, the institutional initiatives of Associazione Giochi Antichi (lit. “Ancient Games Association”) will be supported and the raised funds will be destined to ludic activities, to protect and promote traditional games.

The fundraise was organized in compliance with the respective transparency acts.