"Traditional Games of Italy - Journey into the Country that Plays." - volume published in 2015.

In the five Countries of the partnership, a number of significant research and documentation experiences are underway. 


In Italy, the first experience of research and self-documentation gave rise to a volume published in 2015 on: “Traditional Italian Games – Journey to the Country that Plays


The volume is the result of AGA’s journey through Italy, in search and discovery of the diversity of traditional games as well as an original example of mapping and participatory research: 34 stages-chapters, as many as the traditional ludic communities selected for this first. edition, to know who enriches the values of popular culture with the practice of the game, to discover that the renewal of traditions and love for one’s land are treasures that are shared with the fun and pleasure of being together. 


Among the 34 games in this first edition of the book, we recall the Gioco delle Noci (walnuts) in Liguria, an ancient popular game of Monterosso that takes place in the first week of September, the Gioco del Ferro (Piedmont), a game of skill and strength. whose rules are handed down orally, the Pallone col Bracciale  (Marche), born in the Renaissance courts but of ancient Greek-Roman origins, S’istrumpa (Sardinia), a fight that is characterized by its nonviolence. But also, the Corsa con la cannata (Lazio), in which only women can participate, the Tsan, (Valle d’Aosta), born as a custom of the shepherds who to pass the time throwing stones with their sticks, and the Capanna, a game where the panforte becomes an engaging tool in a popular Christmas time game.