Ligrin, a traditional game inscribed on the UNESCO National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2017

The Tocatì programme includes many initiatives at the local level, carried out with the support of the members of the 5 countries of the partnership.


In Italy AGA, as the leader of the Tocatì programme, promotes traditional games and favours the transformation of public spaces through local, provincial, regional, national and international events that involve a growing number of Italian and European ludic communities. Among these events, the Veronese S-cianco Championship, now in its twentieth edition, is of significant local importance. Each year the event involves about twenty representatives of the province of Verona committed to challenge each other in S-cianco (Lippa): a stick game that is also the founding myth of Associazione Giochi Antichi. AGA, in fact, was born in 2002 precisely to recover and promote this practice, which now, given its international diffusion, is acknowledged as a tool of dialogue between cultures and for international cooperation.

  • A Cipro team of players took part in Lippa tournament but at the same time demonstrated ‘Ligrin’ to the audience and encouraged them to play. Ligrin is a traditional game of Cyprus, that has many similarities to Lippa and is inscribed in the national Intangible Cultural Heritage List of UNESCO, since 2017 by the Folklore Association of KTIMA.
  • In all these years, Croatia with its Istrian Pljočke Association – IPS has organised educational workshops in schools, traditional tournaments on the occasion of folk festivities, symposia with the purpose of documentation and research, and since 2016 has organized an “international festival of pljočke” to promote the game in Croatia and Europe. IPS and AGA started their collaboration in 2015 at the Tocatì Festival. We immediately noticed the compatibility of the perception of common goals and continued to meet, exchange experiences and joint activities.
  • In France the FALSAB Confederation is present during European actions organized by its counterparts by participating, as regularly as possible, in festivals, conferences, and other informal exchanges of experience. These moments are very interesting for the development of practices. Each can acquire the experience of the other and thus show his land, his culture, his practice and his tradition with benevolence and friendship. The tourism of traditional practices: like other structures have created museums, festivals, like AGA with the Tocatì festival.
  • The Quilles au Maillet in France: Discovery and promotion of traditional Gascony games. With actions of animation and discovery of our heritage the traditional games Quilles au Maillet are found within the framework of festivals, meetings, at the request of various partners or associations in the image of AGA with the Tocatì festival. 
  • Belgium: participation of groups of TGS practitioners in the Tocatì-festival, coordinated by VLAS, and/or contributions by experts from Flanders in the annual Tocatì symposium “A shared heritage”.