Salto del Pastor

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Federación de Salto del Pastor Canario y Proyecto de Responsabilidad Social Deportiva Canarias - Spain


Sab. at 10.00 am / at 12.30 pm / at 3.30 pm / at 5.30 pm

Dom. at 11.00 am / at 2.30 pm / at 4.00 pm / at 6.00 pm


In the Canary Islands, shepherds used to move along the steep slopes of the volcanic territory with spectacular jumps, with the aid of a pointed shaft. One of these is called the half moon in which the shepherd makes a 180° turn into the void, to cross the crevasses. Becoming a very common game among the Canary Islands natives, the Guanches of Berber origin, the Spanish domination represented a serious threat to existance of the game which, however, survived.