Forum Internazionale della Cultura Ludica

International Forum of Ludic Culture


Sab. SAT from 17.30 to 19.00 

Dom. SUN from 15.00 to 16.30 and from 17 to 18.30


International Forum of ludic Culture

SAT from 5.30 PM to 7.00 PM

Round table “INTO THE GAME. Networked community for the safeguarding of the traditional recreational heritage of Lombardia”.


Moderator: Valentina Lapiccirella Zingari, AGA, coordination “Tocatì, a shared programme to safeguard Traditional Games and Sports”.

Giuseppe Giacon and Valentina Lapiccirella Zingari (AGA) with Agostina Lavagnino, head of the Ethnography and Social History Archive (AESS Regione Lombardia), will open the presentation of the project.

Testimonials from the communities involved in the 2020 project will follow: Ermes Pelizzola, Schida community (Guidizzolo, Mantua); Roberto Marchi, Palla Elastica community (Sabbio Chiese, Brescia); Osvaldo Mogliotti, Tamburello community (Dossena, Bergamo) and Cesare Archetti, Naet community of Lake Iseo (Monte Isola, Brescia).
Following the contributions of Gianmarco Pacione, Project IN GIOCO operational coordination and Barbara Rigon, audiovisual materials manager of the project.

The final debate will involve Alessandra Broccolini, Società Italiana per la Museografia e i Beni Demoetnoantropologici (Simbdea), Pietro Segalini and Maura Cetti Serbelloni, Comitato regionale UNPLI Lombardia, Leandro Ventura, Istituto Centrale Patrimonio Immateriale (ICPI- MiBACT).

The IN GIOCO (INTO THE GAME) project, supported by the Lombardy Region and coordinated by the Associazione Giochi Antichi (AGA), has promoted research on traditional recreational heritage in the region from 2018 to 2020. An innovative project in terms of methodologies and results, this has made it possible to network 12 communities of practice, representative of regional play diversity. In a year marked by the Covid19 pandemic, IN GIOCO has become a testing ground for self-documentation practices, leading AGA and the research team to create new ways of remote dialogue and design of audiovisual materials. The network has also fostered forms of solidarity and helped to keep mutual attention alive. IN GIOCO is opening up interesting perspectives for a future inventory of traditional, nationwide play heritage. In this sense, the participation of the Proloco network through the involvement of the Unione Nazionale Proloco (UNPLI) and the contribution of the Istituto Centrale per il patrimonio immateriale (ICPI) will allow to reinforce the preservation efforts on a regional and national scale.

SUN from 3.00 PM to 4.30 PM

Traditional standing rowing: a heritage of the Veneto Region

Moderator: Giorgio Paolo Avigo, AGA Chairman

Participants at the round table: Marco Righettini, President of the Lega Bisse (Saverio Pastor, President El Felze, association of trades contributing to the construction of the gondola, Venice, Sandro Perini, Head of the Sports Observatory and Monitoring, Department of Culture, Sports Organising Unit – Veneto Region

Valentina Lapiccirella Zingari, coordination “Tocati, a shared programme for the safeguard of Traditional Games and Sports”.

Leandro Ventura, Central Institute for Intangible Heritage – ICPI – MiBACT

Representative for DEA assets of the ABAP Superintendence for the City of Venice and the Lagoon and representatives of the Coordination of Rowing of the Venice Lagoon

A meeting between different rowing traditions of the Veneto: the coordination of the rowing boats of the Venice lagoon meets the groups of rowers from Lake Garda and Iseo, present this year in the square at the Tocatì Festival. In order to contribute to the preservation of this important heritage, AGA is weaving dialogues between the communities and involving the Institutions: it has contributed to include rowing traditions in the article of the Law dedicated to “Traditional Venetian sports disciplines” (L.R. 11 May 2015, n.8, art.18) and is working, with the support of the Lombardy Region, on a research that has involved several communities between Lake Garda and Iseo. In January 2020, a national meeting (Tocatì un patrimonio condiviso – the days of the immaterial) brought together in Venice representatives of Venetian rowing traditions, together with artisans and institutions. A working table that aims to promote strategic synergies for the future.

SUN from 5.00 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Paper games. A collection of engravings from the Prints Cabinet of the Central Institute for Intangible Heritage

Moderator: Leandro Ventura, Director of ICPI – MIBACT
Speakers: Cinzia Marchesini and Anna Sicurezza, ICPI – MIBACT

The Prints and Drawings Cabinet of the Central Institute for Intangible Heritage preserves a large collection of plates whose themes are linked to Italian popular culture; its main nucleus dates back to the exhibition of Italian Ethnography in 1911. A part of the engravings is dedicated to the playful theme in its various expressions, ranging from the game of the goose to the shapes to be cut out, from extraction games to strategy games. The nineteenth-century engravings of Bart

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