International Forum of Ludic Culture

International Forum of Ludic Culture Thoughts
Forum della cultura ludica in collaboration with MIBACT, ICPI e MUCIV


FRI. From 6 pm to 12 pm SAT. from 10 am to 12 pm SUN. from 10 am to 6.30 pm


Streamin from italian villages, projections, reflections and experiences of the traditional game world

Heart of the Festival, the Forum of Ludic Culture in the Cortile Mercato Vecchio is the place where traditional play communities meet each other and the public, presenting not only their game but also the territory of origin, its in habitants and other traditions related to the practice of play: food, festivities, crafts, etc..
In the Forum, moreover, play communities, national and international NGOs, museums, cultural institutions
and representatives of the administrations discuss the activities of “Tocatì, a shared Programme for the Sa
feguarding of Games and Traditional Sports”, in line with the recommendations of the 2003 UNESCO Convention. In the Auditorium of the Forum, between Saturday and Sunday there will be alternating musical moments, audio visual projections, live coverage from the squares of Italy and live interventions by AGA, Regione Veneto, Regione Lombardia and Istituto Centrale per il Patrimonio Immateriale. On Friday and Saturday evenings, finally, will be hosted the seventh edition of “La pellicola che ti tocca” by Bridge Film Festival, with animated short films and from Italian villages.


Associazione Giochi Antichi (AGA), deviser and organizer of Festival Tocatì, promotes the research, valorization and protection of traditional games’ communities in Italy and in Europe. The association is active in the promotion of environmental and architectonic heritages, as well as Intangible Cultural Heritages. In 2015 AGA was
nominated as the delegated official of AEJeST, accredited NGO since 2010 at the UNESCO offices concerned with the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of 2003.

Association Européenne des Jeux et Sports Traditionnels (AEJeST) (“European Traditional Games and Sports
Association”), a nonprofit organization accredited by UNESCO since 2010, is made of federations, cultural associations, museums, professional orders and academic institutions who mean to valorize and protect traditional sports and games. The Association’s purpose isn’t just to develop and practice traditional games and sports, but also to encourage the acknowledgement and circulation of the values they convey.



The Central Institute for the Intangible Heritage operates in Italy and abroad for the valorization of demo-ethnoanthropology tangible and intangible cultural goods, and of the expressions of cultural diversity present on the territory. To reach its goals the institute also promotes activities of research, formation, study and divulgation, collaborating with universities, public and private corporations, national and international research centres.
Since 2017 the Institute, in collaboration with Associazione Giochi Antichi, has been organizing the training project “Tocatì: a shared heritage. The Days of the Intangible” that have brought together Italian traditional Ludic communities and their institutions in a network. A strategic initiative for the future of “Tocatì, a shared programme for the safeguarding of Traditional Games and Sports” and its development at national level.



SIMBDEA (lit. “Italian Society for Museography and Demo-Ethno-Anthropological Heritages”) Since 2001

SIMBDEA has been gathering anthropologists, professionals, scholars and volunteers who are active in the fields
of research, museology and of tangible and intangible cultural heritages. In 2015 AGA (lit. “Ancient Games’ Association”) and SIMBDEA signed an agreement that defines the development of future collaborations to valorize Traditional Games as Intangible Cultural Heritage.



Museo delle civiltà (the Museum of Civilizations), instituted in 2016, groups four important national museums in a single body: the Ethnographic Prehistoric Museum “Luigi Pigorini”, the Museum of Arts and Popular traditions “Lamberto Loria”, the Museum of Oriental Art “Giuseppe Tucci” and the Museum of Early Middle Ages “Alessandra Vaccaro”. This institution’s objective is to valorize and promote in a unified and innovative fashion Italy’s unique archaeological and ethnographic collections, sectors of our heritage considered up to this day of
exclusive interest of specialists and enthusiasts, and to share them with an ever growing public.


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