Food & Game, Geoportal of Food Culture

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Curated by di ICPI Istituto Centrale per il Patrimonio Immateriale e BIA Beni Immateriali Archivistici


SAT. e SUN. from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm


Our cultural environment is always in transformation: the post-modern and post-industrial era of new communication technologies, is shaping a new society of new orality (P. Grimaldi, 2015).

The Geoportal of Food Culture is a project of collection, production and dissemination of ethnoanthropological culture related to food, promoted by the Ministry of Culture. The guiding idea was born precisely by observing the demoethnoanthropological approach to cultural heritage, characterized by the balance between scientificity and shared participation. In this sense, we wanted to “liberate” this category of cultural heritage, redefining its communication strategy. Not a site, not a database, but a way of accessing a heritage of culture put into a system, according to a new logic, more popular but scientifically guaranteed, of restitution to the citizen, the tourist, the economic operator.

The exhibition of the Geoportal of Food Culture was created to promote the work begun with Expo 2015 and carried out over the years by the Central Institute for Intangible Heritage. Realized with the precious testimonies present in the vast archive accessible online, it returns to the public six precious audio-video contributions that express the values of the national intangible food heritage. A succession of stories that lead back to the identity of places and their history to keep memory alive.

The path leads visitors to the discovery of Pan de Sorc and Cjaršons from Friuli, truffles in the southern Piedmont area, coffees from Trieste and finally and the historical working of the land. The narrations are an emotional communication tool to transmit the knowledge, products and traditions of our country.

The exhibition has been promoted by the Central Institute for the Intangible Heritage of the Ministry of Culture (MIC) which works for the valorization, in Italy and abroad, of the demoethno-anthropological cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, and of the expressions of cultural diversity present on the territory. The institute also promotes research, training, study and dissemination, collaborating, to achieve its institutional goals, with universities, public and private institutions, national and international research centers.