At the international level, the annual Symposium Tocatì a shared heritage, in the framework of the Festival, has brought together the network of the candidacy partnership since 2016. Each year, themes of common interest were proposed, such as: Towards an online candidacy project of the Festival (2016), Challenges of Tocatì’s multinational candidacy process in the Register of Good Practices for the Safeguard of Intangible Cultural Heritage (2017), Re-thinking Tocatì for Europe (2018), The participation of communities. Dialogues between civil society and institutions (2019), Time for community: between intangible heritage and educational contexts (2020), Intangible cultural heritage in a time of pandemic. Reflections from Italy (2021).


The Symposium regularly brings together and brings to visibility the network of communities and groups belonging to the Traditional Games and Sports movement (AEJEST), a significant network of ICH accredited NGOs, the partnership institutions, consolidating commitment and work prospects inspired by article 18 of the Convention for the Safeguard of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.