The partners of the Tocatì programme have started, since 2015, a work of European planning and cooperation with other organisations to support the safeguarding of Traditional Games and Sports, in order to:


  • Promote the development of the individual by setting in motion bodily, affective, emotional, social and cognitive dynamics such as to contribute holistically to personal and relational growth and contribute to health;
  • Promote knowledge and Safeguard of European Traditional Games and Sports, promoting intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and gender equality.


The leading association of the Tocatì programme, AGA, to pursue these goals, has coordinated or participated in various European projects, for the education, sport and culture sectors.

  • CROATIA: The membership of IPS Croatia in AEJeST has enriched and expanded this collaboration, and the crowning point is the partnership in the international candidature for the UNESCO Good Practice Register and partnership in Erasmus+ project Opportunity;
  • FEDERATION OF TRADITIONAL BASQUE GAMES AND SPORTS OF IPARRALDE: Affiliated to the Federation of Basque Games and Sports of Iparralde, we are part of its steering committee. This is how we discovered the rich and diverse world of traditional sports and games in Europe through AEJ and ST and around the world with ITSGA;
  • QUILLES AU MAILLET: Quilles au Maillet is a member of several international networks (AEJST, TAFISA), regional networks in the field of sport, culture, (CROS Occitanie Culture Diversité, etc.). La Quille au Maillet participates in meetings and exchanges with other game players in France and Europe.