Working Table, Erasmus+ Opportunity Project, Lleida, 2022

The partners of the Tocatì programme have started, since 2015, a work of European project design and cooperation with other organisations to support the safeguarding of Traditional Games and Sports, in order to:

  • Promote the development of the individual by supporting body, affective, emotional, social and cognitive dynamics in order to contribute holistically to personal and relational growth and health;
  • Promote knowledge and Safeguard of European Traditional Games and Sports, through intercultural dialogue, social inclusion and gender equity.


In order to pursue these goals, the leading association of the Tocatì programme, AGA, has coordinated or participated in several European projects, for the education, sport and culture sectors in an active partnership with the members of the nomination network.

Tocatì is the crossroads of several networks, including some NGOs accredited for the ICH, public and private entities, as well as representatives of States parties (ORF international-engagement). TGS are tools for enhancing cross-border cooperation, contributing to a culture of peace. The number of ludic communities and institutions in the “Guest of Honour” countries of the Tocati Festival is a concrete outcome of this commitment. Since 2016, the Tocatì Festival has requested and obtained the patronage of UNESCO, in 2016 associated with the use of the emblem of the Convention.

The network has participated in several European projects since 2015: 

LUDORAIL (Erasmus + Youthpass) August-December 2017, dedicated to young people between 18 and 30 years old.

TRADWOK (Traditional Wrestling Our Culture – Establishing Network in South East Europe-Promote European Traditional Sports and Games “, Erasmus + January 2017-June 2018).

BRIDGE (BRIDGE for Intercultural Dialogue) Erasmus +, January 2017 – December 2018.

YOU’VE GOT IT (Erasmus places, January 2017-June 2018) to promote active aging through the practice of Traditional Games and Sports. S.P.I.E.L. – Game Education in European Countries (Erasmus +, mobility of young workers), 2019-2021.

OPPORTUNITY – Promote social inclusion and gender equality in formal and non-formal educational contexts through the application of TGS (Erasmus + SPORT – Collaborative partnerships), 2020-2023.