Staying in Verona during Tocatì is advantageous!

The service is free of charge and allows the choice among 43 associated hotels, from 4-star hotels to 2-star hotels located in the city centre, closer periphery and other locations close to the province.

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B&B (Bed and Breakfast)

Associazione Bed and Breakfast Verona e Provincia
Via del Risorgimento, 10
37126 – Verona


Associazione Provinciale Agrituristica
Viale Del Lavoro, 52
37135 – Verona – ph. 045 8678210

Ostello della gioventù

Villa Francescatti, Salita Fontana del Ferro, 15
Verona – Ph. 045 590360

Camping Castel San Pietro

Via Castel San Pietro n.2
37129 – Verona – Tel/Fax: 045 592037