This festival focuses on the game and the communities that practice it. It’s traditional games deeply bounded with the territory, often pass on through centuries.
They’re games usually played by adults that have defended and kept a space dedicated to games in their life, going against the spread conventionality of games as something for kids only.
Associazione Giochi Antichi, the organiser of this Festival, deals with the preservation of traditional game communities that through the game keep alive the historical memory, the intergovernmental characteristics and the social creativity in their territory.

Foundation of Associazione Giochi Antichi’s considerations are the following elements

The true life of the game are the players.
The game is rooted to the territory where is played.
The preservation of the game is also preservation of the territory.
Playing can help in keeping alive the traditions of a territory.
The choice of playing can be an awareness choice and not of simple getaway.
The game’s for game’s sake only, in a consumerist and commercial world.
The act of playing can be replayed infinite times, in different matches, that keep providing pleasure and fun.
The game implies a social interaction and gives strength and cohesion to a community.

Associazione Giochi Antichi has devised these considerations in the past years and in 2008 has drafted, together with its national network, the first manifesto in Italy that defines and increases the value of the traditional game communities.