Erasmus+ Opportunity Project Meeting, Croatia, 2022

The partners of the Tocatì programme develop activities in the educational field, and collaborate in the context of European projects dedicated to education, such as the ongoing Erasmus + (;  


In Italy and in Europe, the Tocatì programme promotes a constant dialogue between traditional ludic communities, with which it develops formal and informal education activities, aimed at sharing good practices for the Safeguard of Traditional Games and Sports. As part of the programme AGA proposes in Italy, in collaboration with the Italian ludic communities and the MIUR – Italian Ministry of Education, educational workshops aimed at primary and secondary schools of first and second degree, with the aim of supporting the transmission of traditional games, promote outdoor games and encourage intercultural dialogue. Educational activities take place both in schools and at the headquarters of the Ancient Games Association. AGA also offers, with the contribution of professionals from various disciplinary fields, training courses for teachers, university students, associations and administrations, on the themes of Traditional Games and Sports, the safeguarding of intangible heritage and the organisation of cultural festivals.


Quilles au Maillet: Development of Traditional Games among young people. In order to publicize and develop the practice of traditional Gascony Sports Games: in schools, TAPs, Leisure Centres and specialized establishments by: – introducing children to these “sports” which require skill, strength and skill: – also making them discover the richness of this heritage practiced for generations: – training teachers and animators on site. In partnership with the schools or Leisure Centres that request us, we intervene to train the teachers, the animators and we initiate the children; – developing educational materials suitable for children (file and DVD) on which teachers and facilitators can rely; – making bowling games available free of charge in schools or Leisure Centres.