From the 13th to the 16th September 2018 Verona held the XVI edition of Tocatì, International Street Games Festival, organized by Associazione Giochi Antichi in collaboration with the Municipality of Verona, with the support of the Veneto Region and of the City of Verona and with the patronage of UNESCO, AEJeST, MIBAC and ICDE – Central Institute for Demo-Ethno-Anthropology.

Last year’s guest of honour was La France du Midi – Southern France, represented by groups coming from Occitania, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Nouvelle Aquitaine with the Basque Country. The game communities from these regions will be the main characters, and they’ll bring Tambourin, several varieties of Quilles, Pétanque and other games from the rural areas of the Basque Country (Le Bûcheron, Le lever d’enclume, Le ramassage des épis de mais, Le lever de pierre, Le lever de charrette, Le lever de paille, Le jeter de paille, La course de bidons de lait, Le cours de sac and Les scieurs de bois).