In Italy, declarations of consent from communities and letters of support from NGOs and Institutions were collected since 2017. All the communities of the Tocatì Italian network actively participated and were involved in the multinational nomination process and preparation since 2016. Declarations of consent have been written by CGIs, groups of practitioners of TGS involved in the Tocatì network, actors with AGA of the nomination process and committed in the dissemination of good safeguarding practices.  


Communities are supported in their efforts by NGOs, Universities, local, regional and national Institutions, all providing letters of support to the nomination:

Italian National NGOs

UNPLI – Unione Nazione Pro Loco d’Italia

MIMAP – Associazione per la conservazione delle tradizioni popolari-Palermo

Associazione Sant’Antuono & Le Battuglie di Pastellesse, Macerata Campania CE

SIMBDEA – Società Italiana per la Museografia e i Beni DEA, c/o Museo internazionale delle marionette Antonio Pasqualino, Palermo

Associazione Italiana Beni Patrimonio Mondiale

Associazione Giovani UNESCO

Cattedra Antropologia Culturale Università degli Studi di Chieti-Pescara

Unesco chair “Paesaggi Culturali del Mediterraneo e Comunità di Saperi” – Università degli Studi della Basilicata

Università di Verona


Local and Regional Administrations:

Municipality of Verona

Municipality of Rialto

Municipality of Ollolai

Municipality of Mel

Municipality of Novara di Sicilia

Municipality of Mede

Municipality of Pienza

Municipality of Urbino

Region of Veneto

Regional Office for Instruction (USR) of the region of Veneto

Lombardy Region


In Belgium, Vlaamse Traditionele Sporten vzw (Vlas), an umbrella organisation federating 22 traditional sports communities in the Flanders region, as well as Sportimonium and the Workshop Intangible Heritage (WIE) Flanders.


In Cyprus, Folklore Association “Ktima”, an umbrella organisation for the safeguarding of TGS in Pafos.


The communities in Istria participated in writing the nomination and the selection of video and photo material. All listed practitioners-clubs and association took part in this process. Further, the nomination is supported by Municipalities of Buzet and Savičenta, Elementary school Juraj Dobrila from Rovinj, elementary school Marčana as well as the Association of blind people – Istria, the Ethnographic Museum of Istria as well as by Ecomuseum Batana, acknowledged as UNESCO ICH good safeguarding practice in 2016.


In France, the FALSAB Confederation (Tocatì network) worked with their 40 member associations and 20 other federations involved in the collective ICH inventory work of GSTs, in the preparation of the application file. The Fédération de Gouren, Fédération des jeux et sports traditionnels basques d’Iparralde et le Comité National des Quilles au Maillet have been active in all the steps of the nomination preparation, as well as the Institut d’ethnologie méditerranéenne européenne et comparative – IDEMEC – UMR 7307 CNRS. 

At the international level, the European Traditional Sports and Games Association (ETSGA) and the International Traditional Sports and Games Association (ITSGA) support the Tocatì multinational nomination.